Rent a Car Vanrell
Since 1960

In the 60’s Jaume Vanrell Bergas decided to leave the agricultural lands of LLubi, inner Mallorca, and buy a plot of land on the sea front in the Port of Alcudia. His family thought he was mad because at that time the land near the sea was not valued like it is today and so didn’t support his idea. However he was quite sure in what he was doing, while he had been cultivating his land, he watched the planes pass overhead and thought how life was changing and without a doubt, now was the time to take a risk and to take a chance. So he bought the land, set himself up on it and our story begins. Rent A Car Vanrell was born. He bought a small fleet of vehicles: Seat 600, Seat 1500 and Sinca 100 among others. He started renting and slowly bought more cars. He started giving a service to the major hotels in the area and their select clientele. He also opened a bar, which today is the Restaurant Las Sirenas. In the 90’s he extended his network of offices throughout the Bay of Alcudia and began making trips to the Son Sant Joan airport. With the turn of the century, Toni Vanrell took the reins of the business and the company grew to

increase its fleet to more than 800 vehicles during 2013. Our collaboration with local event organisers has also been another of our projects undertaken in the new millennium. For some months now we have been working on a new line of business, the leasing of luxury cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW etc. and introducing a new sector of car rental with driver. Our latest acquisition is the Chrysler 300 “Bentley edition” in metallic white. This web site, as well as our new business line, has been created to promote the new limousine service but at the same time, is a tribute to our history, a way of sharing all these years of effort and determination with all our customers and visitors. We will continue working to grow and innovate with the ultimate goal on satisfying our customers with a quality service. Enjoy your visit.

Thank you!